Introduction to League of Legends, along with why I love the game!

Oh, how I love League of Legends. I feel as if it is the perfect game for me, with teamwork and strategy playing such a huge role in being a great player, along with individual skill. The natural competitive spirit that it has is exhilarating to me, making my heart pound when I’m on my verge of making a huge play. This alone makes me want to continue to get better as a player and a teammate, not to mention the huge professional scene that follows it (also known as e-sports). My goal with League is to one day become the best player in the game. Although that’ll probably never actually happen, I feel that I’m progressing as a player, as well as a person. That, and this game is a ton of fun! 😀

Before I explain my love affair with League of Legends, I suppose I should explain what LoL is. LoL is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), or ARTS (Action Real-Time Strategy), which is a subgenre of RTS. They often involve two teams fighting over objectives that provide gold and control of the map, which is  constructed of 3 lanes, 2 Jungles, and a river separating the two sides. In a standard game of League, 10 players (5 on each team) choose a champion to control for that match. The players roam the map, leveling up and securing objectives for their team, whilst attempting to prevent the opposing team from doing the same.

Obvious objectives range from creeps, to monsters such as Dragon and Baron, to getting takedowns in the form of tower kills or champion kills. Not so obvious objectives are where the complexity of the game expands, such as attempting to keep map vision for you and your team or not being seen as the Jungler so that the enemy team continues to have an ever present fear of ganks. That is a bit deeper than I’d like to delve right now though.

The very basic way to explaining how to win is to simply get more gold than your opponents. To get gold, players must get takedowns in the form of kills, which give the player that got the last hit on the champion that died 350 gold (along with anyone that helped some gold for an assist), turret kills which gives 150 global gold to everyone on your team, Dragon kills which gives 190 global gold, and CS (Creep Score) which is the amount of creeps a player has killed, which give different amounts of gold, ranging from 17 to 50 per kill. The last way to obtain your riches is by clearing the Jungle Camps, which have neutral monsters whom can be killed by both teams. They provide gold and experience, offering another form of income besides lanes.

Creeps, which are uncontrollable units that spawn in groups of 6  (7 every third wave) at set intervals in your teams and the opponents base, steadily march down the lanes towards the opponents base and towers, eventually meeting up with the opponents creeps at the point where the river separates each lane. To get gold, players kill the creeps (CS), often attempting to only last hit each minion. Of course, you can kill your lane opponents for gold, but if both players (or set of players) are playing correctly, kills should not occur in lane, so this makes it a rather difficult and inconsistent way to obtain your riches.

Each of the 3 lanes consist of 3 towers that shoot at any enemy within range, dealing extremely high damage at low levels and a fairly significant damage at higher levels, and an inhibitor, which if killed provides that lane with super minions. Once you get past any lanes inhibitor, you can kill the 2 inner turrets, which are more powerful than any of the lane towers. They are the last line of defense before the enemy’s (or your) nexus.

Within the current metagame (the item builds, strategies, and champions commonly used) teams tend to prefer a 2-1-1 and Jungler strategy. That means there are 2 solo lanes, normally played by a bruiser (tanky melee champions) who has a decent amount of CC (Crowd Control; Stuns, Knock-ups, Snares, Slows, generally any displacement spell) and an AP (Attack Power) based champion, whom is capable of doing massive amounts of damage very quickly with their abilities.

The remaining lane is occupied by two champions, generally an ADC (Attack Damage Carry), who is capable of dealing high amounts of sustained damage with their auto attacks, although most rely of abilities quite often still, and a support, whom is a champion dedicated to helping the ADC stay alive and get more gold through CS and Kills, and is often expected to provide excellent vision of the map through proper ward (an item that once placed provides vision of where it is, but is immovable) placement.

The remaining slot is normally filled by a jungler, which tends to be a champion that has good AoE (Area of Effect) damage, and good CC. The jungle camps, made up of one large minion and then 1–3 smaller minions, require good AoE to clear fast and efficiently. The CC is needed when the opportunity for a gank arises. A gank is when the jungler enters a lane, attempt to kill or help kill the opponents. This works well because in a lane that is 1 versus 1, the jungler coming out of nowhere and making it a 2-1 and can overpower the single opponent through numbers.

Well, there’s a wall of text. I think that pretty well sums up the basics on League, and all the reasons I love this game. It is so simple, yet so complex. Now, before I go, I have some extra little things that I’d like to say if you’re new to League.

1. It’s a hard game. Like seriously. It is a extremely challenging game that you will probably never master. Keep playing, and I promise you will get better.

2. The community is quite toxic. There are some good player who legitimately want to enjoy the game though, not just troll. Just ignore the trolls, and smile knowing that they probably can’t take anything seriously in their life.

3. Play the champions that you have the most fun with. You will naturally get better at those champions faster.

4. Please remember that the metagame exists for a reason. It is the the currently agreed upon most effective way to play. It can be changed, but it’s better to make sure you’re good at the basics and mechanically then trying to find that ‘trick’ that is gonna win you games.


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